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Project Management (PM) being a structured approach to solving a problem becomes challenging in the context of R&D. This is because, R&D normally by way of its composition will have higher concentration of creative people who by nature, tend to feel restricted if their approach to problem solving becomes structured. It is a dilemma which needs to be understood and addressed in an appropriate manner.

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Because of business relevance, every R&D project in an industry needs to be managed systematically for on-time completion. Project Management skills thus become important in R&D and need to be strengthened through training, teamwork and persuasion.

Depending on the domain expertise your organization needs in Project Management and Training, our Pharmaceutical Consultants, Agrochemical Consultants or Specialty Chemical Consultants can offer specific expertise to address the challenges. What is more? Our cross-domain interactive working style brings to you the advantages of knowledge and experience in all the above domains.

InnovaSMART has rich experience in building teams and training them to strengthen the necessary competencies for efficient management of projects in R&D. Members of the InnovaSMART team have held positions such as “Sponsor” and “Project Manager” in typical Project Management set up and have led various R&D projects to their successful completion.

InnovaSMART thus can provide you their support and guidance in,
- Project Management for R&D Projects: Training including mentoring for Planning and Execution
- Existing Project Management Practices in R&D: Review and identification of improvement opportunities
- Competence Mapping for R&D Human Resource planning and execution
- Training and Mentoring on Documentation and Securing know-how
- Training in the area of Creativity and Innovation

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