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New Product Development and New Process Development are core activities in any R&D. While new products are essential for business growth, new processes are needed to ensure product competitiveness, product and technology sustainability and to conform to Intellectual Property and Regulatory needs.

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New Product Development: Innovation is the key for this activity

For New Product Development to be efficient and successful, many activities need to be done appropriately. These would include:
• defining customer need in a way an R&D person understands
• providing a financial target for the finished product at the beginning of the development work.

Properly planned concurrent activities can reduce the time of development (or time to market). Delays can be avoided in critical steps by being innovative and ensuring:
• Close customer (Internal or External) interaction
• Focus and ownership
• Clear specifications and targets which are not constantly shifted
• Need based resource allocation
• Precise planning and decision-making

Members of the InnovaSMART team have led New Product Development projects successfully in the past in pharmaceutical, agrochemical and specialty chemical R&D and can provide you with active input to ensure that the above happens

This experience is what helps our pharmaceutical consultants, agrochemical consultants and specialty chemical consultants to offer expert support to serve your needs

In the area of developing a totally unknown product (Ex. Discovery R&D, New Active Ingredient (AI) for Crop Protection, Pharma (API) or Special Applications (Specialty Chemical), we can provide active support
- To assess project feasibility
- To connect with the right agencies to put the infrastructure in place
- To acquire talent and build up teams in the areas of Synthesis, Analytical Chemistry, Intellectual Property Rights, Application R&D and Scale-up studies

In the area of developing a known product can
- provide guidance and mentoring on technical dimensions, planning and decision making
- advise you on your outsourcing requirements in areas such as IPR, Analysis and Testing, Scale-up and Sourcing
- undertake an audit to help you in improving efficiencies in your existing approach by suggesting different options thus reducing the time to market

New Process Development: Meticulousness at every stage and discipline are critical here

The Key Drivers are:
• Need to maintain Product Competitiveness
• Product and Technology Sustainability (Economic, Environmental & Social).

New Process Development spans experiments from laboratory, to scaling up in kilo-lab, pilot plant and finally transfer of the technology to the manufacturing plant. Of crucial importance to it’s success are:
• Integration of a Chemical Engineer at the beginning of the project
• Efficient waste stream treatment technologies for all the effluents that the developed technology would deliver in production.
• Recognizing the critical importance of every stage to achieve a “First Time Right” during “Technology Transfer”
• Disciplined documentation of observations and records
• Excellent teamwork between Process Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Analytical Scientists and individuals from production.

InnovaSMART team has deep knowledge of Process R&D - both of generic and new molecules- gathered by it’s rich experience in the R&D Divisions of leading chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and specialty chemical manufacturers.

Whether your organization is working with known chemical processes or needs to develop new non-infringing technology for an intermediate or active ingredient, InnovaSMART team can work with your R&D team to achieve the “First Time Right” mark in production during a technology transfer through different checks and controls.

Our in-depth knowledge of organic chemistry enables us to suggest alternative chemistry routes to overcome the challenges faced by the internal teams from a different perspective

InnovaSMART can also audit your currently practiced system of Process Development and also undertake technical audit of an “existing manufacturing process” to suggest further improvements.

We can connect your R&D to organizations offering services to outsource some of the development work too (ex. Safety Data Generation and advise).

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