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"There's a way to do it better. Find it" - Thomas Edison

These wise words, from one of the greatest innovators the world has ever known, show that one can always do things in a better way. This applies to Research and Development (R&D) as well.

Is your organization also looking to get the most out of your R&D by adapting better ways of working?

Then you have come to the right people - InnovaSMART

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Our Strength...

Our Founders

The founders have been formerly associated with leading multinational and Indian companies such as Ciba-Geigy, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Astra-Zeneca, Syngenta, Hindustan Unilever, Wyeth, Atul, Indofil, Hikal, VVF, Sai Lifesciences and others.


Dr. Vadiraj Ekkundi

Ph.D. (IIT, Bombay)

Dr. Ekkundi has over 28 years of industrial experience in senior leadership positions at Global and National levels. His forte is R&D / Innovation Management, New Product / Process Development and Project Portfolio Management spanning specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals (APIs and intermediates), agrochemicals, contract manufacturing and Oleo Chemicals.


Dr. Kikkeri. J. Divakar

Ph.D.(N.C.L., Pune)

Dr. Divakar has been in senior leadership roles for more than 36 years in the R&D Divisions of leading chemical companies. He was a member of the Global Crop Protection Research Leadership Team of Syngenta. His areas of special interest include Drug Discovery, Nucleoside Chemistry, CRAMS and Crop Protection Chemicals Discovery, Process R&D leading R&D infrastructure projects


Dr. Milind V. Rangaishenvi

Ph.D.(N.C.L., Pune)

R&D professional with over 28 years of senior leadership experience, Dr. Rangaishenvi’s areas of proficiency are organic and medicinal chemistry / early phases of Drug Discovery / Development, Prostaglandins Chemistry, R&D Strategy and Infrastructure building, Process R&D and Program Portfolio Management. He has extensive experience in Contract R&D interfacing with multiple global customers.


We are committed to maintaining confidentiality.
We take responsibility for individual and collective actions and deliverables.
It is in-built in our way of working.
We are passionate about R&D and inspired to make a lasting impact.
We say "NO"
to assignments where we can't add any value (we know our limits !)
InnovaSMART would adhere to the highest standards in it's value systems while working with our clients.

Thinking of getting R&D done the right way

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